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Näkökyvylle on vaihtoehto (sokeus).
Kuulokyvylle on vaihtoehto (kuurous).
Järjelle on vaihtoehto (järjenpuute).
Taiteelle on vaihtoehto (”the so called art”).
Elävälle luontokappaleelle on vaihtoehto (sen teuras(tut)taminen ja upo(tu)ttaminen formaldehyditankkiin ja myyminen Sothebyn huutokaupassa).
Miljardööri, joka ostaa sen ”taiteena” 10miljoonalla punnalla ei tietenkään ole idiootti.

“Bob just doesn’t get it.”

Germaine Greerin kirjoituksessaan väärin siteeraama (muualta kopioitu) lause on alkuperäisessä muodossaan (Hughesin sanomana) yllättäen leikattu pois joistakin filmiversioista (esim. Suomessa televisoidusta!), mutta koskemattomana paikallaan youtubessa.

Dear Jerry

Dear Bob claimed no such thing as “to be astounded that Hirst’s 35ft statue Virgin Mother could be worth £5m and yet be made by someone ‘with so little facility” as copied from a misquotation. His sentence *“Isn’t it a miracle what so much money and so little ability can produce” refers – not only to one Damien(’s t)Hirst (for money) but – to the whole scene and all activities of today’s money/art/business making and the lack of mental/spiritual/artistic ability behind it. Knowing or not knowing who does the actual handicraft (or who pays to who for committing the crime) is irrelevant.

*(This sentence has been abruptly cut off from some versions of the film but still intact on youtube: )

Is it dear Bob who doesn’t get it, or is it dear Jerry?

Is it dear Bob who doesn’t understand that “the Sotheby’s auction was the work” [of “art”] or is it dear Jerry who doesn’t understand that the point of dear Bob’s act is to criticize the very fact that the action of art has been transacted into auction (of non art) where modernism (searching new ways of expression) has been transformed into mere ‘mode earnism’?

There’s not much worth in throwing up but asking/paying a million for a vomit is worth every penny of course.

It is a stroke of genius to name the physical (/mental/spiritual) impossibility of life in the corps of something dead as “the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living” and sell the bloody carcass (for $8-12millions) to someone “living” in the physical impossibility of intellect and the mental impossibility of telling life from death and art from fart.

It is a stroke of genius to announce that the “revolution of art market” is at hand and the all time record braking auction will be held where the Golden Calf alone “is expected to fetch up to £12m”. Another “genius” will emerge for sure who will meet the expectations “immortalizing” him/herself as the record broker.

It is a stroke of genius to take the ideal of purity and transform it into a cyborg cut in half revealing the “inner truth” of wom(b m)an with intestines hiding the machinery.

It is a stroke of genius to take the idol of filth/lust/greed of the animal-man or man-animal (the golden calf) and breed in into a full grown bull and bullshit the whole (art) world.

Or is it?

Sorry, Jerry (and Barry), what does it profit a man to have brains and mind and heart and soul (and eyes and ears and all) if they are of no use after all, and being a stockist on the market of liquidized insanity of slowly rotting corpses will gain you all the money you can use as garbage for making and selling and buying garbage and calling it “innovation”?

Sorry, Jerry and Barry, “Bob just doesn’t get it” (and there are few others who “don’t”).

Cheers to Greers and berries to Barries and beers to all who “do”!

Thank God for those who “don’t”!

Huge hugs to Robert Hughes!